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Is Hunting Using Animals Right?

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Is Hunting Using Other Animals Right?
Hunting is usually classed as a team sport in today’s modern world. But are we aware of what we are doing to our animal livestock? Yes they maybe pests but they are animals but one Hindu scripture once said: "How can he practice true compassion if he eats the flesh of an animal to fatten his own flesh?" Hunting has both rights and wrongs which will be explained in this essay.

Hunting with dogs is right for a number of reasons. Hunting with dogs provides a very quick death - quicker and more painless than the death that many animals would otherwise get. Of course if the animal experiences too much pain then it would be classed as cruelty to animals. If the animal being killed had a painless death then it would not be as cruel. Another reason is that hunting is necessary to protect agriculture and the environment from animal pests or overpopulation. If the case was that the population of a certain animal for example a fox was high, then it would mean that crops and food would be on shortage. So animal hunting is necessary to control the reproduction of animals. Another reason hunting is right is because it is as humane, or more humane, than other methods of controlling wild animal populations. To shoot a dog would be a safe way but not as safe as hunting it using another animal. If you hunt with another animal then the dead animal can be disposed of properly. Another reason is that hunting provides human employment. As it is unemployment is at an all-time high and so if jobs are created in hunting more people will have a job. People say it is wrong but look at the benefits it has.

The case against hunting with dogs is entirely different to the points stated above. A reason why hunting is wrong is that animals are often killed painfully. You can take any animal for hunting but the case may be that the animal may go ‘over-the-top’ and kill it so much that the animal being hurt will die a painful death. Another reason is that...


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