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Animal Rights

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Animal Rights and Feminism
Today, we are in what is known as the Third Wave of American feminism. American women have come through the first wave of feminism, where we won the right to vote through the long battles of the suffrage movement, and the second wave of feminism, which took place during the 1970’s and involved recognition of domestic violence, sexual assault, reproductive rights and equal pay for equal work. In the third wave, the feminism of the 21st century plow ahead, and in combination with other movements for social justice. The feminism of this millennium works to improve the lives of women in every aspect, third wave feminism has important bonds with other movements for social change.
Just as abolitionists and suffragists once worked together to abolish slavery and win the right to vote for women, today activists and others combating racism, feminists and others are working to eliminate sexism in society have common goals and reasons to work together. Feminism has aided in creating positive social change for over a century, it would be adequate for feminists to endorse animal rights because feminism ideals are for elimination of all form of oppression. Seeking reform for all those oppressed, and meanwhile accomplishing justice and equality adhere to the binding, and shared values for animal rights. To understand the suffering of animals is important to human beings because animals do not have a voice of their own and so feminists decided to stick up for human and “non human” animal rights because women have always been linked to social justice and animal advocacy.
Although feminism and animals rights activists share the same ideals, they differ in the sense that anti-abortion activism and values adhere to those of animal rights, beginning with the ways that the anti-abortion and animal rights movement use the words and phrases like “respecting life” and “compassion.” Both can be compared to the mass slaughter of animals and the mass...


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