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Animal Rights or Wrongs

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In the last two decades there has been major controversy in the American judicial   system over animal rights. Extreme animal rights activists and groups, such as PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, feel animals should not be used for the use of entertainment, food, clothing, recreational use and human companionship. They feel people should be punished severely for exploitation and use of animals.    
On the other hand, Animal Welfare is the lesser of the two. It follows the simple belief that animals should be cared for but can be used for research, food, recreational use, as long as they treated humanly. They also feel people should be punished for any abusive behaviors towards the animal, but usually results in a fine and the animal taken from them. Abuse can touch all animals, not just cats and dogs, but elephants, manatees and others.
  PETA is the most well known animal rights group, that have many followers and is the main leader of animal right activists. Should animals have the same rights as us?   According to PETA, all living creatures should be treated equally, and like humans, have rights. Animal rights support laws that prohibit hunting, recreational use, entertainment, animal testing, raising livestock for food or breeding pure breed animals for money.   Using animals for food, clothing and other resources is also against their beliefs. Their work goes beyond domesticated animals, they also focus on wild animals and their “rights” to not be hunted or cooped up in a zoo or circus. Dick Gregory, an author and civil rights leader, has compared circus animals as captive slaves, performing against their will, wearing chains and shackles like prisoners. Many of these animals do live in less then ideal situations, but are monitored by veterinarians, the Humane Society and animal control officers to ensure their good health.
Animal Rights is for all animals, not just domesticated animals and performance animals. Endangered animals and...


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