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Creating an Appealing Image Has Become More Important in Contemporary Society Than Is the Reality or Truth Behind That Image.

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In the current society, image becomes more and more important as a result of which people are more concerned with an appealing image in public, but at the same time, as far as I am concerned, the role of public image can’t take over that of the reality behind the image, especially in the long run.

The importance of the role of an image is getting particularly more and more evident in the present business world. As it can be seen that the number of companies or manufactures that are attracted by the public images of their commodities is up roaring these days, among which, the advertisement is prevailing the world, as a result, we can see or hear all kinds of advertisements everywhere, from the wall outside the road to the main media such as TV or radio. It is evident that these activities bring them more profits by making more people realizing their commodities and then purchasing, which in turn lures them to increase the investment of advertisement much more.

The growing significance of image is also evident in the political realm. This point can be seen well from some politicians who, before they are in positions, usually commit well to the public what they will do, if they are elected, to enhance the economy, increase of investment on education, serve the public as well as possible and the like. All these claims make very attractive images for them among people, whose votes are significant to the final consequence whether they can be elected to take the prospected positions. And this kind of image advertising is determinate and definite to determine the life of the candidates that means image before public is somewhat vital to the election.

In the long run, however, the significance of image should give way to the truth and reality behind the image. If, for example, the consumers who buy the commodity as advertised find that the efficiency or characteristic is not matchable to what has be claimed in the advertisement, it is impossible for them to...


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