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H/W       How people treat the rainforest differently?             12-10-09

the atmosphere. There is a deep concern about how people are treating the rainforest’s. The rainforest’s are Earth’s biggest ecosystem and about half of all living species can be found in the rainforest. People don’t see the rainforest as our largest ecosystem but as miles of land for resources. Due to forest deforestation half of the world’s plants, animals and micro organisms   will be extinct or on   the border of extinction in the next 15 years. This is mostly down to large companies and governments demands for resources. The loss of the rainforests would greatly affect us in many ways. The rainforest’s are some of the largest areas where you will find thousands of different species of tree. If we cut down all those trees there would be a lot less trees taking in oxygen meaning there would be a concern in the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere.
On the other   hand there are many biological experts who are trying to preserve the rainforests. They are inventing new ways of gaining resources without even destroying the place it came from. (rubbering) Experts also believe that many plants in the rainforest hold the cures for many diseases. Unfortunately the only people who know how to create these cures are medic men. Medic men are like doctor’s to the Indian tribes who live in the rainforest. Most of these medic men are over 70 now and with their homes being destroyed by fires or bulldozers most of them will not be able to past down their knowledge meaning we could lose some of our cures for diseases that at the moment we can not cure. Overall the deforestation of the rainforest must stop or the consequences will be fatal.


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