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Should China Forgo the Family Planning Policy

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China Should Forgo the Family Planning Policy
Recently ,there is an increasingly heated debate over whether our country should forgo the policy of family planning which has been implemented as an indispensable part of the Reform and Opening up since 1978. While quite a lot of people advocate it, we hold a negative attitude toward continuing this policy when considering four factors below.

First and foremost, that our society is gradually heading for an aging one does not allow us to proceed to adopt the birth control policy.According to the statistics collected by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the proportion of aging population(people aged 65 and over) had reached 8.0% of our total population by the end of 2008,which indicated a serious trend of aging. Consequently,emerging problems like lacking labour forces,heavy financial burden from huge amount of pension as well as limited resources will impair our national wealth ,and therefore undermine the rapid economic development of our country. Thus,it is high time that we made the child-bearing policy more flexible in order to adapt to the changing social conditions.

Subsequently,as a result of the family planning policy,low birth rate means that few children and more parents.In other words, young people in the near future will suffer much more pressure from supporting their parents and even grandparents,which was not common to their elder generation.Accordingly, young parents are less likely to afford quality education for their children,inducing a vicious circle to the well-being of the next generation, even the whole nation.
Thirdly, contrary to the opinion that there is going to be another baby boom without government's only child policy, we are convinced that people are able to make informed decision about having children if the policy is relaxed. Take an opinion poll among the netizens as an example.A data from it describes that among all the surveyed, there are less than half of those aged 22 to...


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