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Music in My Life

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Individual Work
on English

theme: “Music in my life”

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What we call music? When the music appeared for the first time? What was music invented for and why we are listening to it nowadays? Every day we hear it in public transport, being in guests, at home, or simply while walking down the streets. How many kinds of music there are? What kind of music everyone prefers? How it can define your character?
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There are many questions, about which nobody ever think. Here I'll try to answer a few of them from my point of view. You may not agree with my ideas. At least, if you don't, I hope you'll get some bases to think about and, maybe, determine your own point of view about music. I think everyone needs music in his life, but not everyone realizes this fact. May be not often, but all of us want to listen to music sometimes. You can ask “Why this is happening for real?”. There can be many answers for this question and the answer differs from person to person. We all are different and unique. Who plays the music? You're right, people do. And the music is different same as the players and artists and all of us. How these people are motivated? Every musician has it's own reason to do what they do. Some musician create music to become popular and rich. The second ones do it to make other people happy. The third ones do it just for fun with friends. The forth ones do it being depressed. And so on...
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I   am 'addicted' to music for a long time. I listened to various kinds of music and I want to share my ideas and point of view about music with other people. Many people can't even imagine how music can change the human being into an another way, how music can change your attitude for your life, how it can change the way you look at things around you. It can, believe me.
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Music has an incredible...


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