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Rural Development

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Rural Development, its importance. Possible constraints and potentialsof achieving this Development:

Development being the foremost concern of economists and social scientists has looked at the equity distribution and efficiency of application of natural resources so as to improve the wellbeing of the people. In most countries, the largest percentage of the population resides in rural areas were they survive on low agriculture and livestock productivity. In order to alleviate or mitigate the livelihood of the rural population, policy makers embarked on rural development, despite limited resources particularly money and manpower, as a program that would reach out to a large proportion of the low-income rural population.
Rural Development is regarded as an integral part of social planning in the broad sense, and as the economic guarantee of social development. The span of concern of those who work on Rural Development should be broader rather than narrower. Therefore, those concerned with the rural development should critically look at the economists view of relative resource endowments, substitutions, trade – offs   as well as looking at a value system which includes a practical concern for human life and welfare and the equitable distribution of resources and services.
Therefore, the strategy of rural development will be an aggregation of economic aims and the means of implementing them. This strategy is usually made up of the following basic elements:-
• The aims of economic development
o These are determined by objective needs of the society and by its socio – economic structure. For rural development, rural population will determine the most pressing need in the society by ensuring that all major stages of developmental process are listed and considered, for instance, building up of feeder roads to enable them access the markets or building of a hospital or school or provision of clean water.
• The concepts of development
o This implies a...


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