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School Menu Report

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School Menu Report

All schools have a canteen which changes its menu or price every year, however our school has changed the whole layout, menu and prices this year, so I conducted a survey in which I asked six students from year nine at All Hallows Catholic College eight questions to find out what they thought of the changes made.
First, I asked the students what they thought of the menu before the changes. Before the menu consisted of staple foods such as pasta, jacket potatoes and sandwiches, it also sold a less healthy option of pizzas and panini’s. The drinks were fruit juices and water. Out of the eight students, three of them preferred the menu before it was changed, the reasons they gave for their answers were ‘they tasted nice before’ and, they don’t taste as nice now’ three found that the food in the canteen was not as nice as before, so some, not all, would have kept the menu the same.
Secondly, I asked the students about the food now, and their opinions of it, the menu now offers a wide range of foods from all over the planet; Pizzas and pastas from Italy, Curry from India, Fajitas from Mexico, Noodles from China, and other foods such as a brand new salad bar, a wider variety of sandwiches and soup and a roll. Five pupils said that they preferred the menu now, and all five of the pupils agreed on the fact that ‘they are tastier and healthier now’.
There were two questions that all eight of the students unanimously agreed on however, one of these questions was ‘Do you think the government should have a say over what is on the school menu?’, where all eight said ‘no’, the government should have no say over what is on the menu in school canteens.
The other question that they agreed on unanimously was ‘Do you think our school councils should agree on the school menu?’, when asked this questions all eight students said ‘yes’, the school council should have a say in the school menu.

A key campaigner for healthier school meals is Jamie Oliver,...


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