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Death to the Death Penalty

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Death to the Death Penalty!
Human beings have been killing each other ever since our creation.   Since then, we have formed civilized societies.   One of the most basic, most fundamental principles in almost every society is that the killing of another human being is wrong.   Yet execution has been around since the founding of that basic moral.   Society does not do itself any favors by allowing the death penalty to continue to exist.   The death penalty does not deter murderers, it makes more.   It does not vindicate victims, it creates them.   The death penalty is an unnecessary and dangerous tool that modern society should be without.  
Some people will claim that the death penalty actually saves innocent lives by deterring would-be murderers from committing murder.   Common sense, reason, and research prove that claim to be false.   Writers, Donnahue and Wolfers, in their article, “Death Penalty: No Evidence for Deterrence” examined recent statistical studies that conclude that the death penalty has a deterrent effect.   They claim that these “are simply not credible” (pg. 2).   We can also look at murder rates in different states that have the death penalty and states that do not.   There are currently thirty-five states in the U.S. that use the death penalty.   Every single year between 1990 and 2007, the murder rates in death penalty states are consistently higher and those in non death penalty states (deathpenaltyinfo.org).   Not to mention, as time goes on the gap in the murder rates widens more and more.   It is absolutely ludicrous to think that by fighting murder with murder, death with death, violence with violence, that anything will be solved or any progress made. Once that happens all it boils down to is a bloody game of who can be more stubborn?   Obviously murderers do not think about the possible repercussions of their actions when they commit them.   Or they do not think they will get caught.   Either way, the far off possibility of a death sentence is not...


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