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Leadership Can Be Taught

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Answer to Question 1
Sharon Daloz Parks , in his books entitled ``Leadership Can Be Taught '
discussed leadership in an adaptive concept . Adaptive concept means that
the word leader denotes to lead and in order to lead a group , you ought
to be a procrastinator of time or think ahead of time . A person should
have a view on what possible things might be encountered . Then think of
the possible solutions for the upcoming problem . Anticipatory
imagination is considering all the pros and cons of things .
In adaptive leadership , it is believed that leadership can be learned .
It deals with understanding and about behaviors and actions . It is not
in any way an inherent trait . The adaptability of the organization
depends on having a widespread leadership . The ideas should not only
come from the people on the top , but it should come from people within
the organization . Practicing adaptive leadership means making a holding
environment where discussions of certain issues are kept safe . In
addition , the adaptive leadership consulting is about understanding
adaptive pressures and dynamics , and using those insights in creating
successful changes .
Adaptive leadership is a must in an organization because it paves the
way for less problems to incur because in this process , the leader is
futuristic , which considers the entire negative and positive things that
will come their way .
As a mentor or guide , the leader has to be likened to an eagle which
soars high and sees all things below . Leaders should have focused
determination and an attitude for winning . Indeed , leadership is not a
position but disposition .
Answer to Question 2
With regards to the to the character trait of embracing the negative ,
it is said that (a ) Profit comes as a result of facing problems , so
doing it is seen as a good thing , not a negative thing and (2 ) The best
way to solve a problem is not to have it to begin with .
Embracing the...


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