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Should We Legalise Voluntary Active Euthanasia

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Topic: “Should we legalise voluntary active Euthanasia.”

Is life really not worth it? Would you take someone’s life away when you cannot return it? Then maybe you should think again. It is not worth risking it! It is not just dying with dignity, there is more to it. Life is more valuable than you can imagine and is definitely not affordable. Hope, patients and support are the only things required. Euthanasia is known as killing and that is not a treatment and should not be allowed. How can you bare to see a loved one die so easily just by an injection. We should not legalise voluntary euthanasia. Why? You shall find out soon.
Allowing euthanasia to be legalised is sending the wrong message to people. It is implying them that it is okay to take the easy way out from difficult situations. It is the most cruel and spineless thing to do. People will no longer have hope in themselves and decide there is always euthanasia, easy as that sounds. But they are not thinking, if you become euthanized you do not just lose pain but die when you know you cannot become alive again. You only live once so make the most of your living and think wisely. With euthanasia no one’s life is being saved- life is only taken. We should never eliminate those who suffer but instead help them relieve suffering. As long as there is life there is hope to fight the disease and get better even though you know you will not. That is why we should not legalise voluntary active euthanasia. People will give up and instead of trying to get better and have hope in themselves; they will get themselves euthanized. They think that it is okay to take the simple way out of life. Euthanasia is acceptable for animals but not for humans because a human’s life is more precious and valuable but some people do not realise how valuable our lives are.
It would be too dangerous to legalise euthanasia because the slippery slope argument means that people will go too far and it will not be under control anymore....


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