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Pelham Puppets

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By Penelope Lee Brunskill

Pelham puppets were manufactured for over fifty years, and they have quite a history. They were always popular till about the 80’s when children put them to one side for more popular technological toys. This led to the demise of the Pelham Puppet business and eventually, production stopped altogether.
However, today there is renewed interest in these toys, in their history, and that of Bob Pelham, who initially created them.   Collectors here and in America are very keen to get their hands on them. The puppets have become extremely collectable, which has led to some of the rarer examples being quite valuable.
However after many years the Pelham puppet name has just resurfaced and new Pelham puppets are being made once again. Whether these will ever become as successful as the original puppets is questionable.The puppets made by the original company will always be the “real” Pelham puppets for those of us who grew up with them. They were the brainchild of only one man who put his whole life and soul into their creation.I have a great regard for Bob Pelham and thank him for the little characters that made my childhood playtimes so happy.   I have put this little book together for those of you who would like to know more about Pelham Puppets.   It has hints and information on what to look for when buying, collecting or selling them.

Collecting Pelham Puppets

As they are so collectable now, finding Pelham puppets to buy is not easy. They can be found in on-line shops on the Internet but are usually very expensive.   You can sometimes find them at antique sales, in toy auctions and car boot sales also, but far and away, the best place to look for them is on Ebay. There is always a steady flow there and here is my first hint:
Most Pelham Puppets on Ebay are listed under Pelham Puppets, but if you want a bargain look for those that are just listed under puppets or Pelham or misspellings of these words....


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