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Indian Youth come from Indian parents

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Indian Youth come from Indian parents - 'Matru Devo Bhava, Pitru Devo Bhava' - respect parents at all times and in all places.
All persons born in India are Bharathiya.
This means they follow the noble ideals of Bharath, and uphold the values of the Motherland. All sing Vande Mataram, and all bow to the Mother who gives you your health, wealth and education.
The four goals of life are artha, dharma, kama, moksha, (wealth, right conduct, needs and freedom from rebirth) - pursuit of these goals requires balance and strength of spirit, atma-balan.
Look on a five rupee or ten or hundred rupee note. What is written at the base of the Ashok Pillar?
Sathyameva Jayate: Sathyam means truth - truth will triumph when Indian youth embody trikarana suddhi; purity of thought, words and deeds. Trikarana suddhi is also the foundation of excellence in character.
Truth is primarily known in speech. Sathyam vada, speak truthfully; dharmam chara, follow righteousness.
Character is known by what you think, say and do; when all these are in alignment, then one is said to be walking the path of truth and righteousness.
Emotions are not the foundation for action. Emotional Atyachar is simply loosing self control. You need to have a proper foundation for serenity in all times and places.
  * Self sacrifice leads to self discipline
  * Self discipline leads to self control
  * Self control leads to self respect
  * Self respect leads to self satisfaction
When one has self satisfaction, one has serenity or bliss, ananda.
All intelligence is problem solving skill. There are seven forms of intelligence. Emotional intelligence is problem solving skill using your feelings to manage the sensibilities and feelings of others. Emotional intelligence attends to the values, attitudes and needs of the other.
Ethics are values, and values are guides to behaviour. Values are the boundaries which guide action. Values guide choices.
The values which form the brand new...


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