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Role & Responsibility of Indian Youth Against Corruption

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The role of youths is unavoidable to control the corruption including national building. Until the stumbling blockade of corruption in the way of development remains, the vehicle of development won’t reach in its destination. Youth recognize that corruption affects them in their daily lives, on the individual and society itself. It is a serious obstacle to economic and social development. It impedes economic growth and discourages investors by rendering transactional costs of business too high. It denies access of public services to the excluded or vulnerable group in society. Everyone is becoming corrupted, and it is getting in our everyday life. This is the condition of Nepalese people in this modern era, and it is a common phenomenon in our country.

Fighting against corruption is not a simple task or a simple plan. It is a strategy that requires cooperative work to involve all youths in the community. It is the fact that youths are tomorrow’s leaders. The youths can have the potential and strength to change the society. Youth should advocate for good anti-corruption laws in the country and that must be implemented by responsible politicians, fully accountable to the citizens. It is the most important to make bureaucracy less corrupted and more transparent. Youth should emphasis the important of education in making the citizens aware of their civic rights and responsibilities, as well as exercising their power over the politicians.

Nepal is deeply rooted in corruption, so, each developmental plan becomes failure. Youths are frustrated from the bureaucratic system, the officials are always waiting to take bribe; otherwise they wouldn’t do the client’s work. We are in the phase of social transformation after the transformation of conflict and politics; we must be careful in this period about the inflexible bribery in the country.

There is the hot air in the Nepali atmosphere that the economists as well as the ministry of Economy have planed two digits...


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