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Philosophy of Religion and Science

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Essay Question:
What, in general, is a Naturalistic Explanation of Religion?
NER explains religious phenomena exclusively by reference to natural phenomena.   If we can satisfyingly explain religion without recourse to belief in the supernatural, then there is little left to recommend belief in the supernatural.
Why would a successful NER provide evidence for atheism?
A successful NER would provide evidence that the universe is self governing without the control of a supreme being.
Explain each of the three criteria of a satisfying explanation.
Complete: accounts for all of the relevant phenomena(anomaly-free)
Economical: uses as few assumptions as possible
CommensurableL fits with our well-established beliefs
Explain Feuerbach’s NER, noting the different emphases of each of his two central books.
In feuerbachs first book his main thesis is that God is a thoroughly human creation, that man made God, not God man. Our concept of God is of human form. In his second book he claims that the ultimate psychological cause of religion is human egoism, or our overpowering desire for happiness.
How does Feuerbach respond to people who contend that their God is beyond all anthropomorphic concepts?  
He says that someone who refuses to attach any definite attributes to their God is an atheist.
Illustrate Feuerbach’s view with at least one of his ethnographical examples.
He calls prayer nothing but “a humble command, a command in religious form”
Do you find Feuerbach’s NER convincing?
I do not find the NER convincing
What are two objections to his theory?
One of his claims is that religion is caused psychologically by human egoism.   However, most religious people will admit that the human mind is not able to fully comprehend every aspect of the universe. They believe in a creator that knows best for them and has sent messengers and prophets to convey his message.   Atheists, on the other hand believe that everything on this earth will be explained eventually and...


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