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Happiness 8

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Happiness is something that has over the years always been a concept that has more complex than before. After thinking of it again on the fly, and re-writing & erasing it repeatedly, let us define happiness as a state we always aim to acheive.

Defining the concept of happiness as simply doesnt end this essay, rather opens up a plethora of questions, that are more difficult to answer. What the definition does, is that it sets the questions in the right perspective. eg: We seek to define the properties of the state. Thinking of it, we can define the state we seek to acheive, in terms of financial health, job [as in the current engagement] satisfaction, personal & family fulfilment, social acceptance and so on.

After this rather formal and hence boring interpretation, to think on a more intutive level, I must say that I get happiness from the freedom of doing what I want to do / pursue at any point of time (which would fall under the heading of job satisfaction among those above).
But clearly the ideas of happiness have changed radically along with growing up. As a child, the ideas of happiness were really simple. A 'Lego' set entertained me for weeks at end. Watching the progress of India in an arbitary sporting competition kept me engaged for days. Over the years, this concept has been compounded (& I would say, clouded as well) with what the society and the people around oneself, define the properties of happiness state as well.

With these imbibed inputs from the society as well as the inherent concepts, have enabled me to sketch a rough picture of the state i wish to acheive. Hence in the future, I think satisfaction in terms of career and family will have top priority. I think financial health [subject to a certain threshold] is irrelevant. As long as I can provide for the basic needs of all those dependant on me, I will be decently satisfied. Though it would be grossly errorprone, I think to quantify it, an inflation-corrected income...


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