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Media these days has enjoyed an unparallel popularity among general public. But when it comes to which should be regarded as the most effective media to get information, people hold conflicting opinions.

It could surely be argued that TV is the best media for us to communicate information. It always consists of large amount of information from all over the world. Besides, we can relax ourselves while watching TV. However, TV has negative impact on our daily life. For instance, it is harmful to our eyes. Apart from that, it is time-consuming to sit in front of TV all day long. It is TV that takes away our time that can be used to communicate with our family members.

Radio is also a good choice. It enables us to do other things while listening to the news. However, listening to news without seeing the pictures is not perfect.

In contrast, books are, though the oldest, the perfect ones. Since they are made of paper, it is convenient to take a book with us, no matter where we go. In addition, marks can be made on books, which is time-saving when we want to rememorize the knowledge. Admittedly, books have some drawbacks. They are expensive. On top of that, a large number of trees should be cut to make books. However, with the development of the computer industry, it is common for us to read e-books instead of books made from paper. And recycled paper is also another option.

Overall, we can conclude then that books should be seen as the most effective media to communicate information.


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