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Copisistem - New Business Models

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Case 4: The company makeover

“A new strategic plan for the company HAZEL”



    - problems with brand image, they see us as out-data
    - catalogue is unattractive
    - they are overwhelmed by the number of products we offer. We have to cut down the lines witch aren’t great money spinners and we have to produce more global and fewer products.
    - they complain about the poor quality for our products
    - they say there is a lack of new interesting lines

The sales representatives:

    - they are not able to reorder popular items
    - they do not receive the correct items how were ordered
          ⇨ we have to work on our supply chain management and distribution system
    - the ordering procedure is as old fashion as us image
    - 40 pg order book has to be filled-in by hand and mailed to the office, this takes 30% of their time
          ⇨ it’s difficult for agents to increase their sales and their commissions. And for us it’s difficult to keep our reps.
          ⇨ Recruiting and retraining salesmen is priority

Writing and discussion



- It’s an international product and many people knows the brand
- It pleasures a lot of needs, because they have a lot of products.


- The brand image is outdated, they don’t reach teenagers.
- The consumers complained about the poor quality of our goods
- Besides the product lines that are non-profitable, there are just too many products in their portfolio.
- According to recent market research, our catalogue is experienced as being ‘unattractive’.
- the customers find the we have a lack of interesting lines
Sales representatives:
- The sales representatives have no tools to reorder some of the most popular products.
- The distribution doesn’t work well. There are a lot of faults between the ordered quantities and those that are delivered.
- The order procedure is as old fashion as our image
- The order procedure...


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