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Waste of Human Energy

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Most teenagers in modern society feel the irresistible desire to fit in or at least to get along with their peers so in order to do this many teenagers will do many things they would not ordinarily do. This is the main cause of gang activity, the youth of this nation is condemning itself to repeat the same mistakes again and again the teenagers who want to do something about gangs just make friends let them see you accept people as they   are and that they don’t need to have to do anything illegal to fit in, the best way to disarm the potential threat of gangs is to show compassion and understanding.
Those who are older than teenagers can still do their part be a good role model, curse only when necessary I see kids not even eight calling other kids names they shouldn’t even know. Where do they get the words? From us, the older generation one slip of the tongue and its in their minds permanently , once the innocence is taken from the youth it can never be taken back.
If we want to survive not just as Americans but as humans we need to stand at peace. Humans…. We are so very fragile in body and in mind, with all the infighting going on in every country we kill off our own allies then the country goes to fight a needless war and all the while squandering away our precious few resources available to us.
My message is simple all our useless conflicts have to end.



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