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Breast Cancer 12

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Breast Cancer
By: Rasheedah Williams

Breast cancer history is a long and tragic one.   The earliest known medical document

known to man is what is known as   the Edwin Smith Papyrus. Edwin Smith was an

egyptologist who bought fragments of the document in London in 1862.   Although he

understood its importance he never published it and the papyrus became all but forgotten.

In the 20th century this vastly important work was rediscovered.   Dating back to 1600 BC

it is our first know medical writing.

Breast Cancer is the second leading cause of death in most women today, it is

a known fact that its cure and origin are unknown.   Breast Cancer is when an

uncontrolled growth of cells without a specific function form in the breast area of

a person, killing normal cells and tissue. This process in turn causes a lump or mass to

form known as cancer.   Although breast cancer cannot be prevented, there are some steps

a person can take to reduce the risks.   These steps are knowing the family history, routine

self breast examinations ,   its best to   examine yourself about a week after your

menstrual cycle and it is recommended to examine on the same day of every month,

yearly routine mammograms for women 40 and over, and an

annual breast examination   by a medical professional.   Every woman is at risk for breast

cancer and she is at an even higher risk if she has a family history of breast cancer. That’s

why it is extremely important for every woman to know her family history.   About 10%

of   breast cancer cases are hereditary and that the most common of these result from

mutations of the genes.

The most common breast cancer symptom is a lump on the breast or underarm

area.   The lump is generally painless, but should be checked by a doctor immediately in

case it is malignant.   Other symptoms of breast cancer may include blood coming from

nipples, inverted nipples or changes in the skin of breast.   Some types...


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