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Biodiversity or biological diversity is the scientific term used to define the variation of life on earth. This consists of the diverse flora, fauna, microorganisms, their entire genetic makeup and the ecosystems that they form. Biodiversity plays a major role in the world, as it is essential for the survival and growth of all forms of life. To better understand Biodiversity it is split in to three levels: Genetic, Species and Ecosystem diversity.
Genetic Diversity refers to how an individual differentiates from another from the same species. Whether they are common differences or similarities, Genetic traits help define each individual and make them unique amongst the population of their species. What determines these differences are Genes, which in turn makes up your DNA. Examples of this diversity are shown clearly in the human species as their traits can vary greatly. Attributes such as hair, finger and toe lengths and also the colour of one's eyes are the signs of physical genetic traits. The importance of Genetic Diversity can be summed into one word. Survival. Having a diverse genetic structure allows species to adapt to their ever-changing ecosystems.
Species Diversity refers to the variety of different species. It can be measured in numerous ways and these measurements are divided into three groups. They are species richness, species abundance and taxonomic or phylogenetic diversity. Species richness is used to count the number of species within an environment. Species abundance refers to how common or rare a species is compared to other species within its environment. The last measurement approach, taxonomic diversity, analysises the genetic relationships between different groups of species.
Ecosystem Diversity takes a large step from genetic diversity as it talks about entire ecosystems. This level is used to identify the multitudes of various plants and animal species that coexist in an ecosystem and also they way in which those species interact with...


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