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The Character of Louka

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The Character of Louka

      Louka, one of the main figures of the play “Arms and the Man” by great British playwright George Bernard Shaw, is an exceptional character. She is good looking in her appearance, sharp in her observation, and confident in her mentality. She, at times, seems to be afraid of her master Catherine, but even with her she goes as far as she dares. Let us now cast a look at Louka’s character.

      Louka is very intelligent and sharp minded girl. We find her sharpness at the very beginning of the play, when, for example, she secretly tells Raina that one of the shutters has not been bolted at the bottom and that it can be opened with a little push if need to do. As Louka says:

          “If you would like the shutter open, just give them a push like this.”

Again, Louka is highly observant person. When she leaves Raina’s room, she casts a look at first at Raina, then at the sofa, at last at the curtain; and then gives an insolent laugh indicating that she has detected the presence of another person in the room.

      Yet again, she is very attacking and rough in behaviour towards Nicola, to whom she is engaged. She always talks to him as like as his superior though she owes a lot to him. She also hates him for his slavish mentality. So says Louka:

        “You have a soul of servant Nicola”

Moreover, she is disrespectful to her master. When Nicola advises her to meld her character and to be respectful to her master, she says:

          “I do defy her, I will defy her, what do I care her”

      Louka is also prudent and intelligent enough to understand Sergious character and how she should deal with him. As soon as she discovers his interest in her, she exploits all possible situations in order to hook him as her husband. She makes Nicola her tool, Raina her victim, and Sergious her target. She talks to Sergious in a manner and display her physical charm in a way which create upon him a favourable impression...


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