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Routing Protocols

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Routing Protocols
Data transfer has become an important issue.   Natsheh and Buragga (2010, p. 312) state “Mobility of mobile ad hoc network (MANET) nodes is one of the main problems identified when MANET routing is performed.”   Many protocols have been introduced to transfer data in the form of packets.   The common aim of these protocols is to transfer data to the respective destination securely and without any change in the original information.   Routing protocols implement algorithms that tell routers the best paths to transmit data.   The important idea of this article is to compare destination sequence distance vector (DSDV) and dynamic source routing (DSR) protocols and select the best one for routing packets.   The three main differences of DSDV and DSR algorithms are routing path, malicious nodes presence, and topologies.
Routing path is an important difference of DSDV and DSR routing protocols.   The best routing path is selected by considering different conditions like destination address, number of hops required to reach the destination, and sequence number as stamped by the destination.   In DSDV each packet is transmitted along a single path using distance vector shortest path routing algorithm.   Route discovery and route maintenance are the two phases in DSR protocol to transmit a packet.   Comparatively DSDV protocol provides the best routing path since it satisfies all the requirements.
The presence of malicious nodes is an important difference in DSDV and DSR routing protocols.   According to Mamoun (2010), the number of out coming packets sent by the neighboring node should be counted (p. 107).   When a routing protocol is disturbed, malicious nodes enter into the path between the source and destination. As a result of these nodes the packets are not transferred to its correct destination which leads to some serious problems in DSR protocol each packet a source address and a destination address so it does not depend on the intermediate nodes for net...


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