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Competition in today’s modern society can be seen from various fields. For achieving success, some tasks require us to go forward in team work style. Hence, there is a considerable debate about the significance of mental attitude of the whole team and the strongest individuals. Some people insist that mental attitude should be emphasized more in a team while others prefer the second element - the strongest individuals. However, according to my experience, the most efficient option is the combination of mental attitude and the strongest individuals for a successful team, and I will exemplify my opinion by the following arguments.

A positive mental attitude will provide a great spiritual power for team work, and it will establish a good working atmosphere. So every team mate will be able to feel the support and contribution from others, because it is the basic element for organizing a good team. However, a team’s success also needs the talent from some individuals, because the strongest individuals will play a role of key man in the most crucial moment, and then lead to the success. By looking back those historical sport events, such as the World Cup soccer game, it can be easily seen that the championship always goes to the teams, which possess more unity and are more eager to win the title. Again, people still can find many examples for the genius individuals by checking the sport games. One of them is the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan, who portrayed repeatedly the savior in the NBA final match, scored in the last second and helped his team to win the champion.

Therefore, to sum up, a successful team work emphasizes that all team mates are suppose to maximize their positive attitude, and find some individual’s talent. Finally, they will be able to maximize the progress in the whole working period and then to finish the task as perfect as possible.

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