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Pride and Prejudice: a Character Analysis of Elizabeth Bennet

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Pride and Prejudice : A Character Analysis of Elizabeth Bennet
Throughout   Jane   Austen’s   novel   Pride   and   Prejudice , there   are   many   references   to   the   unusual   character   of   Elizabeth   Bennet. It   is   quite   clear   that   throughout   this   novel   there   are   many   references   to   the   remarkable   character   of   Elizabeth   Bennet.   Who   is   seen   to   be   quite   clearly   an   unusual   female   during   those   times. It   is   through   her   intelligence , bravery , independence , and   feminist   views   that   one   can   make   the   outline   of   her   character.
Elizabeth   Bennet   is   also   very   brave   for   the   position   in   life   that   she   is   in.   To   not   marry   would   put   one   in   a   very   unstable   situation   financially   and   to   be   able   to   point the finger at   tradition   for   the   sake   of   one’s   main beliefs,   is   foolish   but   brave. Her courageousness is shown   when   Elizabeth’s   best   friend   invites   her   to   visit   Lady   Catherine   De   Bourgh.   A   visit   to   Rosings   is   most   explicit,   as   Lady   Catherine   is   the   noble   patroness   to   her   best   friend’s   husband. Everyone   is   intimidated   by   this   woman   except   for   Elizabeth   who   is   strong   enough   in   her   own   mind,   that   she   is   not   the   least   bit   worried. This   shows   huge   courage   for   someone   of   less   breeding   not   to   be   worried   about   the   opinion   of   a   lady   with   greater   power.
Elizabeth Bennet’s wit is both humorous and intelligent. There   are   repeated   instances   within   the   story   in   which   she   proves   her   cleverness   and   liveliness. The   dialogue   between   Elizabeth   and   Darcy   reveals   the   intelligence   of   both characters .   Their   forcefully   expressed   opinions   give   us   the   strength   of   their   personalities. They   are   both   sharp,   but   they   bring   out   the   quickness   in   one   another   with   their   intense , quick   discussions.   Elizabeth   is   suitable   enough   that   she   is   able   to   push   Darcy   into   awkward   positions. While   he...


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