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Analyzing Forms of Media

4. Knowing the life story of Eminem and Rihanna, the reason to why I believe the story is important to them is because they are relating to each others emotions and feelings on being abused. Yes I think Eminem purposely had Rihanna featured in this song, because she has just recently been through a time in her life that he has been facing his hole life. Yes this would be a smart business move because she is now really popular, and her emotions are still fresh and strong that she will be able to really express her real emotions, rather then fake her emotions, and mean nothing.

6. Auditory sense affects my views on the songs message because they are expressing their real emotions and feelings in their song. Just sitting there listening to them sing/ rap the truth and relating to some of the lyrics really gets to your emotions.

8a. I believe the song/video portrays both male and female in a negative light, because as a female, Megan Fox is taking all the abuse and constant lying, and still being able to say its all right I still love and want to be with you. This message she’s giving is that its alright to be lied to and abused, when really its not. It makes women look like nothing because we keep going back and taking the pain believing their lies. The way it makes a negative light on a male is because it makes them all look like cowards because they’re abusing and lying to women. Telling the women that everything is going to be different, when really it isn’t and the next time they try to leave you going to kill them. The message the actor in the video gives us , is that all males are like this, when really some of them aren’t.

8b. The message of the song is that Eminem the ( abuser) is describing his rough relationship with Kim. How at times she makes him mad and he does awful things, but he loves her. He explains why he behaves that way to her.   He clams his actions isn’t about right or wrong, its about what he feels like when...


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