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4 Yrs F My Life....Part I.....

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8th july,2009,9:42am,a bit sunny after a long session f shower at 9t!!
-it was xactly 4 yrs ago-in bihar-vry gud frnz-got separated-i did cried for d 1st tym-thought f losin sm real thins f my lyf!
-n d nxt month-i ws in orissa-d untouched part f d wrld fr me at d 1st glance-ol so green
-nxt day-wz august-i entered class 9B-i ddnt know much-i jus entered as if i knew dat place-i put my bag on d table at d 1st bench f 3rd column frm d door sm1 wz sittin on dat bench-n i asked wer to sit!
-n strtd lukin ol arnd-knowin i was new in d class-d odr students did d same
-n guess wat-i caught s8 f jus 2 ppl n dat 2 2 grls-SAI N JASAS-i jus fr a mmnt kept lukin at sai-dn becomin aware f my freshness into dat class-i continued to f9d a place to sit;
-n der wz a boy hu clld me n tld me 2 sit beside him-it was ABHISHEK MAHAPATRA-i ddnt had to do much,i jus sat.
-he tld me abt d does n donts f d class n d skul,abt d typ f teachers-h 2 impress dm-n ol d stuffs.
-bt as i ws novice fr dat place-new language lyk it wud b hindi fr an american in india-hahaha-i laughd at my condition.
-n d tiffin tym came-der came a sworm f boys almst engulfn me-n strtd to introduce dmslf!
-i felt as if yaaaaaakkkk!!!cant dy introduce dmslf l8r,b8r to tk me to tour d skul campus.
-n dn d bell rang n ol ran out as dy came.
-it wz MATHS CLASS(P.K.MAHAPATRA SIR)-i wz wrned abt him-n to add to dat-he jus went to a bit taller boy in d class-also seemed as he wz new der bt d movement f teacher towards him falsified my thoughts.
-n sir went to hm n to add to my nightmare-strtd beatin hm-for nt stndin to wsh d teachr,wen he entered-d boy wz YAJNADUTT.
-n dn sm hw 1st day at skul came to an end-teachers tld me to collct previous assignments frm d monitor.
-as d bell rang students strtd runnin out as if kept in a bull fightin ring and 8-9 bulls wer left behind dm
-bt i instead f runnin went to d monitor-SAI-i askd her dd c hav prev. assignments-n c she said "tujhe abhi chahiye??"-i said "haan"-n...


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