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"NEVER try to teach a pig to sing: you waste your time ...and you annoy the pig." - Ssshawnnn


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‘ Life’   this words appears to be simple consisting of   four alphabets but these alphabets have a deep meaning in them. You need to understand the meaning of this word. Life is tough or it’s a party the choice depends to you.   We do not understand   the   meaning of life until we do something wrong with it The best part of life is the student life. Just have to take care of our homework and papers. Singing with friends, making fun of teacher, fighting over seats, talking about stars, considering themselves the best. THE teenage part of life is a little complicated but when u are out of that part you laugh at your stupidities .If you take a straight path in your student life you do not have to face difficulties in your practical life. Remember practical life is the most difficult. I don’t say that do not have fun if we do not have fun we cannot live. Make your life your book make your own past and write your future yourself make it easy for you to read. Make your life a garden full of flowers. Don’t   ever try to make your life perfect try to make it simple it will becomes perfect itself. Life is like traffic stops and moves so face your life and never back down. Life is a highway and drive on it on and on. IN the end I would like to say
                      Life becomes complicated as you complicate it
                      Life becomes difficult as you make it
                      Life becomes easy as you face it


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