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Of Mice and Men: Prejudice

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Prejudice is an unreasonable feelings, opinions or attitudes, especially of an aggressive nature regarding racial, religious, national or disabled group. In other words, it means hating someone because of what they are not who they really are.
In the novel ‘Of Mice and Men’ by John Steinbeck has got four different characters who are victims of prejudice in different ways.
Crooks is the person who is mostly affected of chauvinism in the ranch. People in the ranch treat him like garbage because he is black "'Cause I'm black. They play cards in there, but I can't play because I'm black. They think he stinks “They say I stink”. Well, I tell you, you all of you stink to me.’ and he is a disease that is why he cannot mix with the white ranchers ‘...I ain't wanted in the bunk house, and you ain't wanted in my room.’ It tells us that prejudice makes him bitter and very lonely. It also has got a massive impact on his life because as he said "A guy goes nuts if he ain't got nobody.”
He is also fascinated by the strength of the friendship of Lennie and George, especially how close they are. Crooks said, "Well, s'pose, jus' s'pose he don't come back. What'll you do then?" Crooks asks these questions because he does not have any friends, and wouldn't know how losing them unexpectedly would feel. He was curious and envious, about the friendship of Lennie and George, noticing that Lennie is retarded, he takes advantage of this situation to "torture" him mentally, to make him feel better and ease the pain of having other reject him "Crooks' face lighted with pleasure at his torture" he also does this to ease his jealousy towards the friendship Lennie has, but that he, Crooks, will probably never have. He wants the people to feel the way that he does, completely alone.
Candy, the old swamper is prejudiced against because of his age and his disability. Because of his hand he is unable to do a lot of the jobs that the other ranch hands do, making him an instantly...


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