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No Snap Decisions on Afghanistan

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“No snap decisions on Afghanistan”.

      The article I have read is headlined “No snap decisions on Afghanistan”, which was written by Michael Bouman on 20 September.
      The article deals with the president Obama’s commitment about withdrawing of American troops from Afghanistan. The author starts by saying that Mr. Obama does not have a deadline for withdrawal, he explains it saying that he doesn‘t believe in indefinite occupations of other countries.
      Further on the author gives the USA president’s view point on American troop’s activities in Afghanistan. Then the article touches on the point that earlier Mr. Obama increased the presence of the troops in Afghanistan and ordered a comprehensive review of military strategy in the country. Having done this the president of the States let everybody knows his plans about Afghanistan. Moreover, he wants to certain that, the USA has an effective strategy to destroy al-Qaide and prevent terrorist attacks against the USA and its allies.
      At the end of the article author mentions that not all the members of the Democratic Party supports Mr. Obama’s point of view. In addition, here the author quotes the minority leader Reb John Boehner; he noticed that the USA president’s goals (which were declared on March) are changed.
      Saying all this, the author raises the problem of presence of American troops in Afghanistan; moreover, we see that the USA president is wavering. In comparison with his earlier words, Mr. Obama changed his goals and states that there are “no snap decisions on Afghanistan”.
      I’d like to provide another article from NAN website, which was written by Nick Brown at the end of September. The author of that article blames the US president, and argues about Mr. Obama’s unclear changes. The author tries to turn out why the USA president called this war a “war of necessity” and then refuses to give his military leaders the troop and resources the need to accomplish there. Thus the...


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