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Literary Analysis of Characterization to Kill a Mockingbird

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Literary Device: Characterization
Many might argue that there are more important literary devices that have a greater affect on “To Kill a Mockingbird”, but the most influential literary aspect comes from characterization. There were many accounts of this literary device in the story. Some of those were the basic introduction or infusion of characters into the plot or the way that Scout described characters from her point of view. Even though there weren’t many diverse examples of characterization, there were definitely many accounts of it throughout the story. Although there are many other literary devices that this novel cycled around, the most important was characterization.
One of the major ways that characterization was used in “To Kill a Mockingbird” was the basic use of it from Scout’s point of view. Scout was a first-person narrator in the story and was the only narrator, so everything that was read by us, readers, was seen through Scout’s point of view. This means that everything that occurred in the story was described or portrayed through Scout opinions and point of view. Scout is only an eight year old girl, so you could assume that her views wouldn’t be the same as if it was Atticus that was the first-person narrator. The way that characterization was used through Scout’s eyes could be described as immature for the fact that she is only eight and has yet to understand life a whole lot better.
Another way that characterization was used in “To Kill a Mockingbird” was the simple way of how Scout introduced and described the characters. Each character that had a major part in the story was somehow seen or described by Scout. When we are reading the book, we fill Scout’s shoes and go everywhere she goes and sees everything she sees. So, this means that if Scout doesn’t see a character or is affected by a character, then most likely that character isn’t a major aspect in the story.
The way that Harper Lee used characterization in the story was...


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