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Of Mice and Men.

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“Of Mice and Men”
George and Lenny have always wanted a place of their own. In the novel “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck he presents the impossibility of the American dream. And the difficulties of having a stable job, because Lenny is always getting into trouble, finding one that pays well enough so they save and later buy their own little place, and the difficulty of starting a family of their own, since Lenny is mentally challenged, and unable to control his roughness.
Lenny has a mental disability. George wants” His own little place and he’d be bringing in his own crops” (24), but Lenny wants George to let him keep dead mice, and tend rabbits. George wants a place where he can keep Lenny away from harm and make him happy. But in order to get the money to buy a place of his own he needs a steady job where he can keep Lenny away from anything that will attract Lenny to do bad things. Another example of Georges plans for him and Lenny is when Lenny tells Crooks what his job would be when they get their land. Lenny tells him “I get to tend em’ cut grass an’ give em’ water, an like that” (69).Lenny should not have told crooks he gets to tend the rabbits. Crooks might feel bad because they didn’t include him in their plans.
Lenny’s need for love and comfort affects George and his plans in many ways. Lenny is too sure that George will never leave him, when Lenny tells George “I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you” (14). Lenny’s illness has an effect on the way he thinks. He is like a child who needs to stay near his parents, but in his case he has to stay next to George. Another example of Lenny’s need for love and comfort is when he tells crooks George would never leave him, “I been with George a long time, he’ll come back tonight. George won’t do nothing like that, George is careful, he won’t get hurt, he ain’t never been hurt” (71).Lenny is too sure about his relationship with George. He thinks things will never change, but things...


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