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Dehydration - Paper 2

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More than 50% of an adult body weight is water. Water is inside cells to help maintain shape, outside cells to help cushion and in between cells to act as a conduit.   It moves between and among cells to equalize the vitamins, minerals and chemicals that are necessary for body functionality. Proteins, sodium, potassium and other dissolved particles hold the water in the cells and when correct levels are not being met, the water moves through membrane to equalize the concentration of the particles.   The water in the body has a multitude of jobs affecting all body functions. It is a lubricant for the eyes; as synovial fluid it lubricates the joints and as saliva it moistens the mouth. It is a transporter. As blood, it carries oxygen and nutrients to cells and brings waste back to the lungs and kidneys. As other fluids it helps semen travel in reproduction process or cushions an embryo in situ.
Water is vital for life. If the body gets ill or is overtaxed and water is lost more so than normal and the levels are not brought back up to healthy levels, a condition known as dehydration may occur.   This a depletion of water levels in the body. This depletion can cause symptoms such as nausea, cramps, dizziness, malfunctioning kidneys and death. A person can live only about 3 days without water. Because of the way water affects all body functions, dehydration can manifest in any of these symptoms and more. Leg cramps, headache, the eyes may quit tearing and appear sunken.
There are several tests and examinations that help diagnose dehydration. A blood chemistry test for electrolytes will reveal low counts of potassium, sodium and/or bicarbonate. Low blood pressure, rapid heart rate or loss of skin elasticity are some physical manifestations that may signal dehydration.
The causes of dehydration can be an illness that causes excessive diarrhea or vomiting. An uncontrolled diabetic may have excessive urination and a person exercising may have excessive sweating. Any of...


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