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Does Society Tame the Beast Within?

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A question that if perhaps not asked throughout   ages, can definitely be answered through them,   some say no, some yes, some say the inner beast itself is the best representation of the person, some say what is the beast? Personally I think the answer lies somewhere between yes and no.
I think first it must be clear exactly as to what the beast is; in my opinion, this inner demon is the thing that acts instinctively off first impressions and sudden urges, the thing that fills you sometimes for no reason at all, with rage.
The role which society plays in it all though to me is slightly blurred, by most reports yes, there is not as many of these beast like stories you hear about coming from inner suburbia life where there are rules and regulations about everything and an expected way in which you live your life. However although this does in some ways, silence the problem there is sometimes that feeling of everything being the same   and being in some ways conformed so that life is meaningless. Plus there are always those you hear about which take these inner beast feelings to the extreme.
However if you look back on ancient times, some civilisations or groups embraced the beast and used it as their way of life and lasted for centuries without any problems, just harsher consequences.
Then of course other society’s had people who were controlled by this beast as their leader and representative EG, Hitler and Nazi Germany.
In the end I think that, for society to quell the beast, it depends a lot on, what sort of society it is and the individual beast within each person. Different types of society can evoke differing feelings in different people.
As to whether using the beast is a good or a bad thing? That is a completely different question.


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