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This last car I’ve worked on was not my best work. I soiled the car by sitting in the front seat while repairing the dashboard. I hadn’t noticed my clothes were dirty from previous repairs. Distracted by other mechanics I tented the cars dashboard unaware of my dirty outfit. This was the first time I’ve made the mistake in my career. Obviously this wasn’t an example of my best work. If I had known my outfit was soiled I would have immediately changed and got to that customers car repair right after I changed or had another mechanic perform the repair because I was not fit for the job.
    The day I repaired our customer’s car I was quite the hurry. Completing an oil change and transmission fluid job my next repair was the dashboard. Wanting to get it done quickly because it was an easier job that would take less time. I sat in the front seat not thinking about what my clothes had on them. Repairing the car I got out and notice what a mess I had made. I retrieved a rag and began wiping away the stains I had made. Doing this only made a bigger stain. I continued to finish the repair and forget about the stain.
    For future reference mechanics should have more than one jumpsuit on the job. Cleaning the car after repairs is one way to start making a difference too. Putting cloth over the seats for interior repairs is also not a bad idea. With one or all of these items applied. More customers will repeat service with our company because of the good clean service we can and will provide. Providing air fresheners for some cars would be great because a customer doesn’t want his/her car smelling like motor oil. A safer cleaner work place where employees enjoy and care for there work is what can be created.
    Some of the less caring mechanics should be let go. After this incident they’ve proved them selves to be distractions to the more skilled employees such as myself. New polices can be set in motion for a new better work place. This is easier said then done. With...


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