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Kyleigh's Law

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Amy Kocot
September 9, 2010
Professor Herczegh
English 1030
“Form B Homework”

In 2008, more than 6,000 teens died in automobile accidents. This led lawmakers to believe that New Jersey’s current driver’s license system is not very affective. In an attempt to solve this problem, a bill has been passed so that young drivers have more restrictions on their driving privileges. Kyleigh’s Law requires provisional license holders to place two orange decals on their cars. With the stickers in place, law officials can easily identify the drivers as inexperienced. Although the bill promises positive outcomes, one must ask them self; is this law really fair?
Studies show that teens are not the only people who have high accident rates. A study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals some surprising results. Both Hispanics and elderly people have more fatal accidents than any other people, including teenagers. If this survey holds any truth, then why are teens the only ones being forced to follow Kyleigh’s law?
People who support the bill claim that the decals will help police identify young drivers who may be breaking current driving laws. However, although this bill is said to be protection our roadways from “dangerous teenagers”, it is not protecting us from drunk drivers, rapists, burglars, or even drug dealers. These criminals are able to blend in to society like everyone else who is not required to have orange decals on their cars but teenagers get the spotlight put on them. Clearly, teenagers are not the biggest threat on the road in New Jersey and yet they are the ones who are being singled out the most with this new bill in place.
Robert Frech explains his opinions of Kyleigh’s Law in his blog “Decals on teen drivers’ cars: A high school student speaks out against N.J.’s Kyleigh’s Law”.   Frech suggests that lawmakers should spend more time making bills requiring young drivers to have more practice on the road before they...


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