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Milton Model Categories

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Psychology of the Mind/Body Connection

Milton Model Categories

Thomas M. Kavanaugh

Milton Model Categories

      “List the additional categories that the Milton Model adds to the Meta Model categories, and give a very brief definition of each.”

    1.   Tag Questions – these questions act as “tie downs” of the information which precedes the “tag” portion of the question.   By tying down the information which precedes the “tag” portion of the question, the focus of the conscious mind is placed on the “tag” portion of the question which allows the information in the sentence portion of the question to slip seamlessly into the nonconscious mind.   My experience in using “Tag Questions” is that no more than three should be utilized in any given conversation or session as the nonconscious mind will pick up on it and feel “manipulated”.   An example could be:   “You do want to achieve a deep level of relaxation; don’t you now?”
    2. Pacing Current Experience – By informing the client’s mind of their current, ongoing experience the state of rapport can be achieved which ultimately leads the client to an internal focus of comparing and contrasting what they are listening to with the meanings they have stored in their vast warehouse of memories and meanings thereby facilitating trance.   An example could be:   “As you deepen the depth of your breathing now you can begin to discover how easily you will achieve a trance state.”
    3. Double Binds – These statements of dual intention contain presuppositions which, when accepted by the nonconscious mind by choosing one or the other of the statements offered will create, or facilitate the entering of trance by the client’s nonconscious mind.   An example could be:   “You can choose to drop into trance as I’m speaking to you, or when I’m finished with this sentence; whichever is easier for you to begin achieving easily and effortlessly now”
    4. Conversational Postulate – These statements have contained within...


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