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Menstral Cycle

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1. Name the 4 stages of the menstrual cycle in order and state the major events of
each stage.
Follicular phase: an egg matures.
Ovulation: egg released from ovary.
Luteal: egg goes to uterus
Meses: endometruiem breaks down.

2. Name the 4 hormones of the menstrual cycle and give the function of each
hormone. Name the stage each hormone is at its highest level.
FSH: causes egg to mature; follicular
LH: causes mature egg to release; ovulation
Estrogen: thickens endometruim; luteal
Progestrone: keeps endometruim filled with nutrients and blood; luteal

3. Place the following stages of fetal development in order and define each stage:
fetus - zygote - embryo - blastocyst.
Zygote: where egg and sperm meet and starts to split the cell
Blastocyst: multicelled zygote thats hollow
Embryo: blastocyst that attaches to the uterus
Fetus: 2 month year old embryo that is growing rapidly.

4. Define ovulation, fertilization, and implantation. State where each happens.
Ovulation: when mature egg realeses from ovaries; ovulation
Fertilization: when egg and sperm meet and combind; fallopian tubes
Implantation: when the blastocyst plants into the uterus wall; uterus

5. Name the 3 types of pre natal tests and state the types of disorders each test
Amniocentists: tests aminotic fluid for disorders
CVS: tests placenta for disorders.
Ultrasound: sound waves that takes pictures of the fetus.

6. Name and describe what happens in the 3 stages of birth.
Stage 1 Labor; when the cervix softens and contractions pushes the baby down slowly.
Stage 2 Birth; The actuall delivery of the baby.
Stage 3 Afterbirth; When the mother needs to push out the placenta.

7. How many trimesters are there in a pregnancy? How many weeks is a total
pregnancy? Name the developmental changes in the fertilized egg during
trimester 2 and 3.
There are 3 trimesters in a 40 week period.   the facial fetures come out like hair, hands, feet, starts to move, and...


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