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Wresting Formation

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Creekside High School Wrestling of 2010-2011

The Creekside wrestling team will allow the student to develop themselves both physically and mentally on how to go though the vigorous 3 round matches, we are preparing them for and to utilize the techniques that come along with becoming a wrestler. As part of this team, your child has chosen to become apart of something greater. I am Coach Moore and though I don’t work at Creekside throughout the regular school hours. I’m the supervisor/sponsor that will be over your child.

Facts about Wrestling
  * Requires both Technique and Body strength
  * Consist of a Match with three rounds
  * The Rounds consist of 2 minutes none stop
  * This is a fall sport
  * Duration is from October 21 to March 1
  * All participants must have a physical by November 1
  * Must pay dues of $100 (Registration, Weight in, etc.)
  * Must do weight in to gain official weight for class
  * Practice is held mainly on Monday-Thursdays from 4-5:30
  * Sweep Bus are provided to those that need to leave at 5:00
  * After October 12 Practice will extend to either 6:30 or 7:00
  * Matches are held at the home school Creekside as well as various other schools such as Banneker, Langston, and Westlake
  * There will be exhibition matches as well
As with any other sport, we take this very serious and we hope that any participate who has joined the team will take this as serious as we do. This is the beginning of the hurdles that your child has yet to face and hope that you come out to support us in our cause and watch your child leap over some of these hurdles.


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