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Of Mice and Men - Essay 25

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Of mice and men

Lenny – Lenny Small is a big man, but with small brains. He lacks intelligence, so relies on George to help look after him. He likes petting soft, smooth things, like mice, puppies and rabbits, this made him and George flee from Weed when Lenny tried touching a girl’s silk dress, and the girl thought he was trying to hurt her. Lenny tends to forget things, so George always tells him twice for what he can or cannot do. He can work well and does what he is told to do.
George – George Milton is good friends with Lenny, he promised Aunt Clara that he will take care of him. George is a small man, but is smart and witty, completely the opposite of Lenny. He is truthful and honest; especially with people he knows he can trust, George also needs Lenny as a friend, not only because of his size and strength, but as so not to be lonely.
Curley – Curley, who just got married, is the boss’s son, so he doesn’t work like the others, and has time to kill. He’s small, but a prize-fighter, he hates big guys so, starts fights with Lenny. Nobody likes Curley, not even his wife, but they can’t be rude to him because his dad is the owner of the ranch they are working at.
Curley’s wife – Curley’s wife doesn’t actually receive a name in the book, she is just known as Curley’s ‘property’. She is young and pretty, Lenny is also attracted to her. Curley’s wife is the only woman in the town, so is rather lonely, she also tells Lenny that she doesn’t like Curley, and only got married to him because she didn’t receive a letter from Hollywood. Characters in the novel refer to her as a ‘tramp’ , but Steinbeck tries to show her as a victim.
Candy – Candy is the oldest character in the novel, and only has one hand (he lost his other during an accident at work). He has a very old dog, which he has had since it was a puppy, it was his only friend, but Carlson shot the dog in the back of the head, because it was too old and ill. Although Candy agreed with it, he was...


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