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" If death is merely a part of life, then surely those who fear death... must also fear life. -Legato Bluesummers, Trigun" - Axotlyorill

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The song and poem lyrics when read made me visualize the aspects if emotions that ran through the author’s mind when forming the lyrics to the song or poem created. The song “Hurt” by Johnny Cash, the song “No t Afraid” by Eminem and the poem “Never have I fallen” by Rex A. Williams, initially show the attribution to an object, such as a work of art consisting of one’s own emotional or intellectual feelings about it, otherwise known as empathy. The reasoning to the emotional lyrics written in each song and poem is a moving moment experienced by each author. This was done so by visually expressing their feelings through a unique work of art
In the song cover “hurt” by Johnny Cash, his emotional music video made us viewers, the audience, feel empathy for him while reviewing the lyrics of his song cover and making connections to his life. This song wasn’t written by Johnny Cash, he produced a cover to express his feelings through Trent Reznor’s work of art. Trent Reznor’s   lyrics was exactly what Johnny Cash had experienced at that moment of his life. The pain he felt, after the one he lived for, his wife past away, due to complications following heart valve replacement surgery. He felt “Hurt” because the only thing, the only reason he lived for had past away, without even saying goodbye. The author, Trent Reznor is really who we’re really feeling empathy for, but Johnny Cash thought it was dead on, his lyrics, that he had to do a cover. Trent Reznor is who originally wrote the song “Hurt”. His inspiration to hi song, the depression, and the social anxiety disorder, and the death of his grandmother, who raised him to be who he is today., which at the end he overcame by successfully completing rehab, and left his past from New Orleans, and started fresh at Los Angelas.

In the song “Not Afraid” by Eminem, also known as Marshall Bruce Mather III, when listening to Marshall’s lyrics, we feel empathy towards him as author who has written his emotions thorough a work...


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