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Public Institutions

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Public Institutions are the base of community organization. This article was mainly about the effects that Religious Organizations have on a communities organization or disorganization, however the researches spoke on and off about the effects Multi-Issued Organizations have on a communities disorganization as well. The researchers state that churches play a large role in society, they hold food pantries, school activities, day care, and many other social events. This means that churches have a large influence on communities.
Much of the data gathered was from outside sources, the New York Times, Directory of Community Organizations in Chicago, etc. This article states that churches and other religious institutions found in almost all communities, rich or poor, meaning that it is relevant in most communities. The data was taken from 77 communities spread throughout Chicago. There were about 2,400 religious institutions in which the data was collected from, ranging from 3 to 158 institutions in a community. It is stated that many communities in poverty need more churches. There are two possible explanations for this, one being that many churches offer useful benefits such as food pantries or day care, and the second possibility is that churches take the place of other social institutions that fail due to poor economy in that region.
Size does matter in this study. More people means demand for more social institutions, less people means less demand. Another interesting find is that poorer communities often have more religious institutions, except when the poverty level rises above 20%. If the poverty level lies above 20%, it is less likely that the community will support religious institutions.
This study found that the poorer a community, the more necessary it is to have both religious and other types of social institutions. However, the poorest communities are unable to support either institution, even though they need them the most. It is also noted that...


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