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Concept of Moderation in Islam

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1. The US-led ’Crusade’ against Muslim countries is peaking everyday, posing the greatest challenge to Muslim Ummah and threatening its basic ideas, values and principles of life, leaving even its very existence with freedom, at stake. A two-pronged strategy is there, to paralyze and overpower Muslim resistance movements through military invasions and occupation of the Muslim lands at one hand, while on the other hand a systematic onslaught is underway to subdue Islam on ideological, cultural and educational fronts.
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2. The enemies of Islam, led by the Zionists, have been pulling almost all the governments and majority of people in the west through excessive manipulation of Zionist-controlled international media. They are misguiding the world opinion by constantly hammering that Muslim countries were being attacked to eliminate terrorists and to liberate the masses from dictatorial rulers, negating the basic human rights. Muslim world lacking resources failed to counter this false propaganda, leaving the world at the mercy of Zionist manipulators. The western propaganda storm has raised so much dust over Bush’s anti-terrorism activism and his doctrine of pre-emptive strikes that few people now consider it the worst form of terrorism known to the mankind in entire history.
3. It would be remissness if, in defence of the people of our faith, we do not trace back the genesis of the Muslims getting labeled with the extremist terrorist tag. Before the anti Soviet, Afghan War started, the Palestine dispute alone was the cause of unrest or concern in the Muslim world which led to a general unification of Muslims in favour of Palestinians and against Israel. The Afghan war of the 80s, supported and facilitated by the West, against the Soviet Union, saw the emergence and nurturing of pan Islamic militancy. Islam as a religion was used to harness mass, worldwide Muslim support. Subsequently, the atrocities and...


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