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Haiku Poems

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8 Haiku poetry by Maarib Iftikhar

(Pattern = 5, 7, 5 for all)


Tip tip tip tip tip
Moves swiftly along the ground
The water splashes

Rapid sprinkling
On my cheeks, it feels so nice
So soft and very sweet

So delicious
Most refreshing in taste
Colorless sweetness

It flows so smoothly
What pleasure beyond measure
Look at gods wonder!


Blood I call my own
Some one who is part of me
In this entire world

My brother Wasib
No matter how much we fight
We are connected

If wasib is sad
Then my sadness is equal
We love each other.


All Alone some where
In a forest lost in time
I live and lived alone

Some where forgotten
With not a man to talk to
I live and lived alone

Each day is the same
Like an old black and white
Dusted photograph

All my days are dark
With no colors shinning bright
I live and will live alone.

4- Dream

To think in my mind
Of lovely lands and new worlds
Great worlds of my thoughts

To imagine in sleep
To think of stuff I’ve been through
Recall ideas.

5- Computer

A box with a plug
Joined with several others
In my rooms corner

Is my computer
I use it to play Farmville
Or even mafia wars

Some games on face book
I also use it to search
Different stuff for school

I can download lots
From some pictures to videos
On you tube or others

For I can use it
I just love my computer
When I need some help.

6- Football

Round like a melon
Kicked smoothly on the soft ground
The spherical football

That wonderful ball
Used to play in sweaty shorts
By tall footballers

Football what to say
It’s surely my favorite game
I love playing it

The way the balls kicked
So very near the big goal
Racket on the ground

Just trying to win
Go Manchester united
Go win Rolando

Victory Chelsea
Look I can see Rooney there
Roars crowd noisily.

7- Speed

To run like a horse
Or a speedy road runner
You need to have speed...


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