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Oil, Gas and Coal

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The Problems with….


The extraction of oil, from the Earth's crust currently provides most of the energy and resources needed to run our society, and to meet our ever-increasing energy demands. Burning oil, gas and coal causes great problem of huge number of CO2 being released to the air. The carbon dioxide that is released is the cause of the greenhouse effect. Increasing the greenhouse effect and thereby increasing the temperature of the Earth.
Petrol is a perfect example of burning oil - straightforward release of CO2. Secondly all plastic products that we have in daily bases are made out of oil. Oil takes millions of years to form, but we are taking it from a nature in a rapid way and oil is not renewable source of energy. In about 40 years there will be no oil in the Planet Earth.
40% of our coal comes from underground mines, and that percentage will eventually have to increase as locations for strip mining run out — the great majority of our coal reserves require underground mining. One of the environmental impacts of this is acid drainage from abandoned mines. Water seeping in reacts with sulphur compounds to produce sulphuric acid, which eventually seeps out and gets into streams, making them acidic. This kills fish and makes the water unfit for drinking, swimming, and many industrial applications. There are methods for preventing this acid mine drainage, but they are quite expensive and are not generally being implemented.


The downside of using wood is that wood and the forests are being ravaged for harvesting. forests are important to the planet and environment. we are wiping out a natural resource. Look at the destruction of the rain forests as a prime example. Trees also take in c02 (also called carbon sink). Cutting down trees means there is more carbon dioxide in the air which plays apart in global warming. Trees provide many of our needs for us such as paper, timber, furniture to even wood fuels. When there is...


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