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State of Mind News Letter

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Altered state of mind
People throughout time have tried to alter their state of mind. From the Native American’s with the use of peyote to the hippies with LSD.
In this newsletter I will discuss a couple of different types of methods of altering the state of mind that are most commonly used today.
  From hypnosis to isolated chambers there are many different places for men and women to experience a state of mind change. We also can see it within religion and lifestyle use.
  State your state of mind changing can be harmful if not done right or it can bring it can help to bring healing or distressing within your life.
  Hypnosis has been given a bad name, with carnival type shows, that create a more entertainment side of modality. But Hypnosis as a medical use can help do numerous things. According to Shelley Wicchman Askay, David R. Patterson and Sam R. Sharar, MD, hypnosis is flourishing for the treatment of pain(Askay, 2009).
  With this typ of use we can see that hypnosis, when used for as specific purpose can actually help people deal with pain in their lives. Milos Pesic in his article titled, “Harmful Effects of Hypnosis”, Talks about the negligible side effects of using hypnosis. Most people would point towards suggestibility as being an area of concerning with hypnosis. Most people would point towards suggestibility as being an area of concerned with hypnosis, but Milos state that increased suggestibility would be negligible, citing recent research (Pesic,2010)


November 21, 2010

Hypnosis is very safe and useful way to alter your consciousness for pain control and for relaxation. The ease of use, the safety involved and the relative non existence side effects make this a great way to alter your state of mind.
Walk into any Church in America and you will see someone praying at one time or another. Prayer is probably one of the most popular ways to alter your state of consciousness. Since most of the world is...


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