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Ikea Analysis

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IKEA doesn’t have many direct competitors because of their unique Ikea experience and the fact they are 'category killers' in terms of industry based on price and quality. Their indirect competitors in house wares and furnishings however are big box stores like Walmart and Target. Both of these competitors have begun offering flat packed furniture, like IKEA, however the sections are confined to small spaces in these large stores.

Crate and Barrel on the other hand, which is actually a part of Euro Market designs Inc. Is one of the closer competitors to IKEA in terms of variance of products offered as well as marketing strategy and management style. Crate and barrel has tried to position themselves as a more “grown up” IKEA. Crate and Barrel paints IKEA as your freshman year in college, your first job, the apartment, you share with three strangers you met on Craigslist, while Crate & Barrel is growing up: housewarming gifts, engagement parties, wedding registries and dinner parties. This strategy has carved out a nice niche for Crate and Barrel, but IKEA is still viewed as the preferred brand

How IKEA Stands Alone

IKEA’s devotion to Environmental design allows designers, product developers and technicians to consider a product's safety, quality and environmental aspects, from the initial design stage throughout the product life cycle.
  IKEA uses their "e-wheel" to understand and evaluate the environmental impact of their products. The "e-wheel" has several checkpoints, which are divided into five phases: raw material, manufacturing, distribution, use and end of life. IKEA believes in using the fewest resources to make the best possible products, without having a negative impact on their functionality or appearance. The main raw materials used in IKEA products are wood, cotton, metal, plastic, glass and rattan, IKEA tries to use as many renewable and recyclable materials as possible. IKEA works actively to reduce waste in manufacturing. Where...


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