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Women in War

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“Women in War” Academic
                                                                                                                                            English 1B
Character Analysis

      While I was preparing to write this paper, I wanted a strong definition of what the term “character in drama” meant. I found a few definitions around the internet. Answers.com mentioned this: “Aristotle defines the character in drama as the people represented in the play. He believed the characters qualities should be revealed in a few telling scenes.” Merriam-Webster Dictionary had many definitions for the word “character”    but only a few were relevant to “character in drama”:
        “b : one of the persons of a drama or novel c : the personality or part which an actor       recreates <an actress who can create a character convincingly> d : characterization especially in drama or fiction,”.
      While all of these aspects are true, the truth in layman’s terms is that a good character makes drama worth watching. A story just isn’t the same without good characterization. In movies, especially, if the actors aren’t very good, you notice it right away. That’s because a character pulls the story along. The people watching a good character will feel as if they know the character when the show is over.

                                                                                                                                                    Smith, 2
          I tried to keep these thoughts in mind when I chose the characters to write about in this paper. The character I chose to write about from Necessary Targets is J.S. I chose J.S. because I was able to see her character go through a series of events and change her view of life and what is important. In the beginning of the play she seems...


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