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Origins of Poverty

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Poverty ( Essay outline)

Origins of poverty
. poverty as pollution
. unorganized life beyond physical allows for poverty
. poverty and terrorism
. Ending poverty will end violence
. Ending terrorism by ending poverty
. End of hold of religion behind terrorism,through prosperity,enducation and englightened mind
. conclusion.
n truth the message is not abolition of poverty but a society where all enjoy equally with equal freedom with no fetters to women.
These accomplishments still leave more than one billion people in poverty.

Progress In Ending Poverty
.Millions Who Have Come Out of Poverty
. progressive change in the relations among poor and wealthy

Aboliting Poverty...
. Keys to moving out poverty
. Eliminating poverty.
generating more employment;
raising the level of minimum education;
making the social elite aware of the possibility of removing it;
presenting the government concrete programmes of prosperity;
drawing upon the resources of every social institution like Chamber of Commerce, university, research institutions, government, voluntary organisation, U.N., U.N. agencies, press, etc.
educating the public opinion that poverty is not inevitable.
accepting the principle that the world can compel
a notion to eradicate poverty

Programmes To Eradicate Poverty

1) Appeal for the changed PERCEPTION from charity to MAN coming into his own right -- a right to good living.

2) Assess the effectivity of information, ideas, opinions, statistics, studies, data, arguments, examples, etc. on the segment of populalation that can move to eradicate poverty and give them in that measure through appropriate media.

3) Introduce in the curriculum at the right stage a full explanation that poverty is not inevitable, it is there because it is suffered and explain how it can be eliminated.

4) Devise programmes suitable to each sector that will indirectly eliminate poverty. E.g.

-- Craftsmen training schools for...


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